Storm debris pick up still in progress

The City of Myrtle Beach is still picking up residential storm debris from curbside.  We greatly appreciate everyone’s patience with this process.  The debris from Hurricane Florence was somewhat greater than expected, along with whatever Tropical Storm Michael created.  To speed the collections, crews will work extra hours this weekend.  A  contractor will begin Tuesday, October 16, to assist with the effort .  Here are guidelines to keep in mind. 

• Get storm debris out to the as promptly as possible. 
• Separate debris by type into different piles.  Different types may be picked up at different times.  Do not commingle piles. 
• Crews and equipment are not permitted on private property for storm debris removal.  This includes private roads, gated communities, mobile home parks and developments with privately-owned streets. • Place storm debris within 15 feet of the pavement edge. 
• Do not place debris on or near utility boxes, water valves or meters, fire hydrants, fences and the like.  Leave room for the truck to operate.