Business License Division

(843) 918-1200

City Services Building

921 North Oak Street


The City of Myrtle Beach is an ever-growing and thriving place to open and operate a business!  The Business License Division is housed within the Financial Services Department at the City Services Building, 921 North Oak Street.  To see a list of recently approved business licenses, visit our New Business Licenses webpage.  The division is responsible for the following....

  • Issues Business Licenses
  • Hospitality Fee Collection 
  • Hospitality Tax Collection 
  • Local Accommodations Tax Collection

The following Business License Division forms are available in the "Business License, Hospitality Fee, Hospitality Tax & Local Accommodations Tax Documents" folder on the Documents Center webpage:

  • Affidavit for Business License
  • Business Change of Information Form
  • Business Closure Form
  • Business License Instructions & Application Form
  • Business License Payment Form
  • Business License Renewal Form
  • Fillable Hospitality & Local Accommodations Tax Reporting Form (Effective 07-01-19)
  • Fillable Hospitality Fee Reporting Form (Prior to 07-01-19; Revised November 2018)
  • Hospitality Fee, Hospitality Tax & Local Accommodations Tax FAQs
  • Hospitality Fee, Hospitality Tax & Local Accommodations Tax Information (Effective 07-01-19)
  • How to Apply for a Business License
  • New Owner Addition Form
  • Subcontractor Roster List

IN-PERSON APPLICANTS...  Generally, the application process may take seven to 10 business days, but the process depends on the business activity.  The prospective applicant WILL NOT leave with a business license on the same day when submitting the application.  To speed up the process, please complete the entire business license application package prior to the submission visit to the Business License Division, City Services Building, 921 North Oak Street.  Be sure that all signature lines have been signed and dated.

An applicant must submit the Business License Application form and payment for the business license fee at the time of the submission.  Be sure to bring the following….

    • A copy of government-issued photo identification or passport.
    • Signed and dated Affidavit Forms must accompany certain Business License applications.
    • All regulatory permits issued by the State of South Carolina, if applicable.  Examples include, but are not limited to:

- Retail License
- Alcohol Beverage License
- LLR License for Contractors
- DHEC Inspection Report
- City Trade Cards

    • Note that certain businesses require a Safety Plan and/or some contractors require a LLR License.  Examples include, but are not limited to:

- Home Occupation Applicants
- Tree Protection Ordinance and Proper Disposal of Solid Waste for Arborists
- Lawn Care or Landscaping Businesses

The application is sent electronically to the Zoning Administrator, the Fire Inspector and/or the Police Department for specific approvals, if required.  ALL applications must be reviewed and approved by the Zoning Administrator to verify a business can exist in the desired location (per the City of Myrtle Beach’s Zoning Code).  Some license applications may require site inspections, safety plans and additional research to determine approval. 

After the Zoning Administrator, Fire Inspector and/or the Police Department have reviewed and approved the application, the Business License Division will review the complete Business License package.  Final review ensures that all required department approvals are complete and required documents have been accurately submitted.  After the final review, a business license is issued, printed and mailed to the business owner.
NOTE:  In the event a business license application is disapproved due to failure to meet all requirements, the applicant is notified in writing with a reason provided.  If the applicant is unable to achieve compliance and approval, a refund may be issued. 

MAIL-IN APPLICANTS...  The mail-in application process may take up to two weeks to complete, depending upon the type of business. The City of Myrtle Beach is not responsible for mail carrier delays.  Mailed applicants must follow Step 1, as outlined above, to ensure all forms are complete, signed and dated.  Mail all completed documents to:

 City of Myrtle Beach
Business License Division
P.O. Box 2468
Myrtle Beach, SC 29578

 Questions?  Direct any inquiries to the Business License Division at or call 843-918-1200.  We are available and happy to assist you through the business licensure process!