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Utility Billing Division

To report a service request online, see the Customer Request Center webpage.  NOTE:  This is NOT for new utility service requests or service termination requests.



The Utility Billing Division is housed within the Financial Services Department at the City Services Building, 921 North Oak Street.  The division is responsible for processing the following (all billed monthly on the same utility statement):

  • Water Services Fees
  • Sewer Service Fees
  • Sanitation Fees
  • Stormwater Management Fees



After-Hours Payment Box…  A payment drop box is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, at the City Services Building, 921 North Oak Street.  The free-standing box at the front of the building is for check or money order payments only.

Automatic Bank Draft…  You may choose to have your monthly bill via an automatic bank draft with a checking or savings account.  A completed Utilities Bank Draft Card Single Fillable Application is required.  Or, a self-managed automatic draft option is available for a credit card, debit card or e-check account.  See and register for an account.

In-Person…  You may pay your bill in person at the City Services Building, 921 North Oak Street.  A drive-through window is available, or you may come inside to the service counter.

IVR Customer Portal…  A one-time payment without having to create a user account can be made through the IVR Customer Portal.

Mail…  You may mail your payment using the self-addressed envelope that is provided with your utility bill statement.

Phone…  Call 844-571-2888 and use our pay-by-phone feature.  The call is free, and there’s no service charge to pay either with credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover) or electronic check.  The pay-by-phone option is available 24-hours a day, including holidays, and even has an option to hear the message in Spanish.

E-Service…  You may sign up for Online Utility E-Service to view your utility account, which also offers the ability to pay a bill with a Visa or MasterCard.  A completed Utility E-Service Fillable Application is required.

Notice to customers regarding interruption of service...  If the monthly utility bill is not paid on or before the due date, the account will be subject to a 5% penalty on water and sewer charges. If the monthly bill remains unpaid 10 calendar days from the due date, the account will be subject to a $25.00 Service Charge and disconnection of service, per City of Myrtle Beach Code Section 21-10 (b). A meter reinstallation fee may be added upon removal of meter due to non-payment and is priced according to the size of the water meter.


The City of Myrtle Beach supports the Grand Strand Humane Society, 3241 Mr. Joe White Avenue, in various ways.  Animal lovers are making regular contributions to the Grand Strand Humane Society through their monthly City of Myrtle Beach utility bills.  Called "R.A.I.N.," or Remembering Animals In Need, the program allows city utility customers to easily and regularly support the Humane Society's efforts.  

Interested in becoming a contributor?  Look for sign-up information in your next Myrtle Beach utility bill.  Or, if you pay your utility bills online, download and submit our R.A.I.N. Contribution Form to the City Services Building, 921 North Oak Street.  Every little bit helps.  The city forwards ALL collections to the shelter each month, and the money helps feed and care for the shelter animals, including a spay and neuter program.

The Grand Strand Humane Society works closely with the city’s animal control officers, and accepts found or unwanted animals from inside city limits.  It serves as the city’s animal shelter and receives use of the building and some funding.  
However, as a non-profit organization, the Humane Society works to raise additional funds necessary to care for cats, dogs, kittens and puppies until they are adopted.  Making a little “R.A.I.N.” through your monthly utility bill will help meet the animals’ needs.


The following Utility Billing forms, related materials and links can be found in the “Utility Services & Billing” folder on the website’s Document Center webpage:

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  • New Service Fillable Application (Business or Commercial)
  • New Service Fillable Application (Residential)
  • R.A.I.N. Contribution (Grand Strand Humane Society) Form
  • Utilities Bank Draft Card Single Fillable Application
  • Utility Billing Rate Sheet
  • Utility E-Service Fillable Application
  • Utility E-Service Portal