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Myrtle Beach Convention Center
(843) 918-1225

2101 North Oak Street

Brian Monroe, General Manager


The Myrtle Beach Convention Center is owned and operated by the City of Myrtle Beach and includes Administration, Concessions, Convention Services, Engineering, Operations and Sales and Marketing divisions.  Visit the full Myrtle Beach Convention Center website for more information and to view a calendar of events.

The convention center proudly announces that it is recognized industry-wide to be operating at the practical maximum exhibit hall occupancy rate of approximately 70%.  A standard occupancy rate for other centers ranges between 50% to 60%.   What is our claim to fame?  We believe that convention and tradeshow markets are the most important part of our future, so much so we have increased communication and engagement with meeting planners.  The convention center also remains focused on aligning and understanding target and vertical markets.  Overall, the Myrtle Beach Convention Center team works together to provide a "First in Service" experience to event planners, exhibitors and attendees alike.

Most often, an administration member is the public's first point of contact.  Our front desk team answers calls about all tradeshows, conferences and public shows.  Administration staff serve as guides that help event attendees and exhibitors navigate around the city-owned convention center facility.  The Convention Center administration team organizes projects as assigned by the General Manager and Director of Sales and Marketing.


The Concessions Division provides and maintains fully-equipped concession outlets that offer refreshments and light meals to groups of all sizes.  Food and beverage kiosks are positioned in high traffic areas to expedite service.  When attending an exhibit hall event, anticipate several concession stands that offer a variety of food and beverage choices.  Our friendly team members serve breakfast croissants and wraps, nachos with cheese, 100% beef hot dogs, pizza, chicken sandwiches, BBQ sandwiches and healthy wraps.  If you are an event host in need of a tailored menu, complete and submit the online Concession Services form.  Our goal is to accommodate your guests' needs.  Concession outlet hours are scheduled based on event host needs.


The Convention Services Division serves as ambassadors, crowd controllers, dock monitors and parking lot attendants.  Ambassadors open the facility to promotors, attendees and the public and answer any and all questions.  Responsibilities include providing directions to events, on-site food and amenities, including what to see and do in the Myrtle Beach area.  Providing crowd control is important when the facility is filled with thousands of people.  Maintaining public safety is of vital importance.  The Convention Center also provides 11 elevated docks that require dock monitors.  Staff members are trained to allow hundreds of vendors to move in an out safely and quickly. The Convention Services Division also oversees the parking lots for both the Myrtle Beach Convention Center and Myrtle Beach Sports Center.  To learn more about Convention Center and Sports Center entrances as well as the location of parking booths, click here.


The Operations Division is the primary party responsible for the daily operation and maintenance of the Myrtle Beach Convention Center.  The division features two teams:  the engineering team and the operations team.

The engineering staff works to provide power distribution and management to all conventions, tradeshows and events.  The electrical service team provides electricity needed to power elaborate exhibit booths.  With simultaneous events occurring, power distribution boxes are utilized at exhibitors' booths.  These boxes require a 20-amp circuit or more during large-scale audio/visual event productions.  In addition to managing the needed flow of power, engineering team members work to oversee water, too.  As a daily operating strategy, low-flow water devices are used throughout the facility and for landscaping purposes.  Engineers meet with planners and event producers to provide dependable cable, telephone, internet and Wi-Fi services.  The team's dedication to the convention center's success extends to saving money by completing projects "in house."  For instance, the team installed LED lights throughout the building, light timers in restrooms, up-lit canopy lights and new outdoor lights to illuminate the convention center campus.

The operations team is responsible for the daily operation of the Myrtle Beach Convention Center.  No two days are alike, as "ops" team members fulfill various needs:  janitorial care; daily set-up and tear-down for events, bleacher operations and installation of special flooring (i.e. a basketball court).  The operations staff also assists the Myrtle Beach Sports Center as needed, and sets up City of Myrtle Beach sponsored events.  The operations team frequently works around-the-clock, covering days, nights, weekends and holidays, in order to be ready for our next event.


The primary purpose of the Sales and Marketing Division is to assertively market the convention center to generate bookings of conventions, tradeshows, special high-impact events, consumer shows, concerts and other spectator events.  Top priority is given to those events that generate substantial hotel and motel room nights in the city and community.  The related revenue generated for local city businesses provides an outstanding impact on economic prosperity.  To ensure an event's success, the Sales and Marketing Division is comprised of three connected groups:  sales managers who book the events; event coordinators  who help plan and coordinate events (and ensure that events meet fire and safety code); and a sales and marketing administrator who develop creative concepts, facility branding and social media promotions.