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GIS Division

(843) 918-2060

Kelly Maynard, GIS Technician 
Izzy Champ, GIS Technician 


The GIS Division serves within the City of Myrtle Beach's Information Systems (IT) Department.  GIS offices are located in the Public Works Administration Building, 3210 Mr. Joe White Avenue. 

So, what is GIS?  Simply put, a "geographic information system" connects data to a map.  Myrtle Beach's GIS team members specialize in creating, updating, and managing critical layers within Myrtle Beach's geographic information system.  This includes parcels, streets, 9-1-1 data, sewer, water, and drainage utilities.  Zoning maps are within GIS staff's purview, too, and personnel work diligently to maintain accurate maps for public access. 

The GIS Division's mission is to provide innovative and comprehensive solutions to support informed decision-making, public services, and community development for our residents, businesses, and visitors.  To do this, the division harnesses the power of software products provided by the Environmental Science Research Institute (ESRI), data analysis, and collaborative partnerships.  Our maps empower residents, businesses, and local agencies with actionable geographic information to help build a resilient and thriving community for all. 


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