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Purchasing Division

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Purchasing Division Office
3231 Mr. Joe White Avenue

City of Myrtle Beach
ATTN:  Purchasing Division

P.O. Box 2468
Myrtle Beach, SC  29578

Ann Sowers, Purchasing Division Manager


The Purchasing Division is housed within the Financial Services Department.  The division handles the posting and procurement process for the city organization's many needs.  The division is located at 3231 Mr. Joe White Avenue.


The following Purchasing Division forms, documents and links are available in the "Purchasing Division (Procurement)" folder in the Documents Center webpage:

  • Current Bids and Solicitations
  • General Bid Instructions
  • How to DO Business with the City of Myrtle Beach brochure
  • Purchasing FAQs
  • Vendor Registration

NOTE:  All  Business License Division forms are available in the "Business License, Hospitality Fee, Hospitality Tax & Local Accommodations Tax Documents" folder in the Documents Center webpage.


The City of Myrtle Beach has a new online system for posting bids and proposal requests, as well as for vendor registration!  Current bid postings are available online here.  New and existing vendors can register here.   If you need assistance, please call the Vendor Registry Support Team number at 844-802-9202. 


Thank you for your interest in the City of Myrtle Beach!  Your involvement as a provider of goods and services is critical to meeting the city’s operational and service delivery requirements.  The Purchasing Division is the primary point of contact for the procurement of goods and services by the city.  This page will help you navigate and understand the procurement process, including how to pursue city contracts.  Procurement serves the public and accomplishes critical city functions.  

Generally, the process takes the following steps...

  1. A need is identified.  
  2. A solicitation is written and published.  
  3. A competition is held.  
  4. A vendor is selected and a determination is made about its responsibility.  
  5. A contract is negotiated and signed.  
  6. Finally, the contract is performed or delivered.
If you need assistance completing registration, please call the Vendor Registry Support Team number at 844-802-9202.



The Purchasing Division values the relationship between city government and the vendor business community, and works toward maintaining mutual goodwill at all times.  Toward this end, the Purchasing Division strives to...

  • Communicate clearly to vendors and help simplify the city’s procurement process.
  • Build trust between customers and suppliers.
  • Handle all supplier questions and concerns in a fair, prompt and courteous manner.
  • Encourage healthy competition and maximum participation among vendors for city business.
  • Maintain an open and fair solicitation process.
  • Involve suppliers in the development of clear, fair and complete specifications and standards necessary to meet the city’s product and service requirements.
  • Observe strict truthfulness and highest ethics in all transactions and correspondence.
  • Assist vendors and departments with contractual problems and other issues related to contractor performance, product delivery and payment disputes or delays.
  • Assist in resolving problems in a creative, fair and prompt manner.
  • Encourage participation from local, small, minority, veteran-owned and women-owned businesses for city contracts.
  • Conduct vendor outreach, advertising, web broadcasting and networking with the business community to increase vendor participation in city contracts.
  • Pursue and utilize procurement methods that are efficient in meeting the needs of the city.


The Purchasing Division is charged with providing strategic and material management services to all city departments. The Purchasing Division also is responsible for the procurement of all supplies, materials and equipment, as well as professional services necessary for the delivery of municipal services.  The division is the only entity within the City of Myrtle Beach authorized to contract for goods and non-professional services which cost more than $7,500, without City Council approval.  It is also the only entity within city government authorized to issue solicitations for goods and non-professional services valued at more than $7,500.

The Purchasing Division is comprised of three teams, each headed by a Procurement Buyer.  The teams are aligned by types of products and services. The buyers are the key contacts for vendor inquiries regarding any procurement-related issues.  Staff members are available to assist vendors and answer any questions regarding all aspects of the procurement process.  Purchasing Division staff buy goods and services daily; however, a major focus throughout the year is the management of more than 1,000 annual contracts.  The contracts are established to provide an efficient method for the city to purchase goods and services needed on a repetitive basis.  Or, contracts may realize substantial savings by aggregating city-wide requirements.  Most of these annual contracts are typically for goods and non-professional services where providers are widespread, thus giving vendors an opportunity to submit bids and obtain contracts with the city.  Most annual contracts carry a one-year term period, with an optional to renew for up to four additional one-year term periods.  The Purchasing Division publishes in a local newspaper when a new solicitation is required.

The Purchasing Division operates in strict compliance with federal and state laws, local laws and regulations, internal policies and professional purchasing principles.  To uphold its responsibility and accountability in the expenditure of public funds, the office maintains a competitive bidding process in accordance with the city's Purchasing Code, from Chapter 2, Article IV, of the Complete Code of City Ordinances.