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Solid Waste & Recycling Division

To report an issue or request, see our Service Requests webpage.

(843) 918-2160

Monica Vereen, Solid Waste & Recycling Division Superintendent


The Solid Waste & Recycling Division is housed within the Public Works Department.  The division operates the Jake Abraham Transfer Station and provides solid waste and recycling pick-up for residential and commercial customers. 
For general information, new service requests, new containers, complaints and/or special services, call 843-918-2160, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  To report an issue or request, see our Service Requests webpage.


All household garbage, recycling, yard waste and bulky junk are picked up on the same day each week.  Collections occur Monday through Thursday in four zones:  Zone 1 is collected on Mondays, Zone 2 on Tuesdays, Zone 3 on Wednesdays and Zone 4 on Thursdays.  Enter your address in the search box below to find your zone.  Or, click here to open the GIS map in a new page.

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Container Size Options...  The city offers two size options for both solid waste and recycling containers.  Blue containers for solid waste come in 65-gallon and 95-gallon sizes, and green recycling containers come in 35-gallon or 65-gallon sizes.  Questions?  Call the Solid Waste & Recycling Division at 843-918-2160.

Service Fees...  Residential customers receive service for one roll cart for household garbage, one recycling roll cart, two cubic yards of bulk waste and yard waste at $30.80 per month.  Each additional roll cart for household garbage costs $11.80 per month.  An additional recycling roll cart is available upon request at no charge. 

sofaNOTE:  Call-back curbside service for garbage/recycling collection costs $90.  Call-back curbside service for bulk or yard waste collection costs $115 plus the following:  $5.44 per cubic yard of yard waste, and $9.10 cubic yard of bulk waste.


The same materials accepted for curbside pick-up are accepted at the city's transfer station, located at 3221 Mr. Joe White Avenue.  To learn more, including charges and drop-off items, see the Jake Abraham Transfer Station webpage.


Untitled design (1)Household Garbage  Household garbage must be contained in one of the city's roll carts, called "pelicans."  The blue containers must be placed at the curb with closed lids, and all materials contained within the container.  No additional bags of garbage should be placed on top of or next to the roll cart!  Additional roll carts will be provided upon request for an additional monthly fee.

Recycling...  The city offers curbside recycling for our residential customers.  You do not have to separate recyclables, and materials should be kept co-mingled, or loose in the green recycling container (no bags).  All containers need to be rinsed and clean!  Cardboard can be placed next to recycling containers to allow for more room for loose, co-mingled items.  Additional recycling containers are available upon request. 

Plastics1-2Accepted Recycling Items:

  • Pourable Plastic Bottles and Jugs – #1 and # 2 Plastics Only
  • Aluminum and Tin Cans
  • Cardboard Boxes (Remove All Packaging and Tape)
  • Catalogs, Magazines and Newspapers
  • Corrugated Cardboard and Paper Bags (Clean; Not Greasy)
  • Empty Aerosol Cans (No Caps)
  • Glass bottles and Jars (Remove Lids)
  • Office Paper, School Paper and Junk Mail
  • Paperback Books and Telephone Books
Items that are NOT accepted:  appliances; cardboard pizza boxes; clothing; hoses; non-pourable plastic containers; plastics with #3, or higher; plastic butter tubs; plastic dishes; plastic to-go containers; plastic yogurt containers; scrap metal; shoes; tires; and, toys.

bulkBulk Waste...  The city provides curbside bulk waste collection as part of the regular weekly collection service.  Below is a list of additional reminders.

  • Appliances, furniture and boxes or bags of miscellaneous household items can be set out with the regular garbage. 
  • No construction and demolition materials will be accepted!  This includes brick, block, rubble, concrete, dirt, shingles, sheets of plywood and other lumber materials.
  • All items need to be placed in a neat pile at the curb.  
  • All loose items need to be containerized to prevent materials from being scattered during pick-up. 
  • Please keep bulk waste piles three-to-five feet from other items set out for collection.
  • Keep the piles three-to-five feet away from permanent fixtures, such as telephone poles, fences, meter covers, sprinkler heads, parked cars or other items that could be damaged during pick-up.

NOTE:  State law requires separate recycling for electronics, TVs and computers.  This means TVs and computers CANNOT be placed in the garbage or curbside recycling containers.  If you have a computer or TV that is ready for pick-up, contact the Solid Waste Division directly at 843-918-2160.  Electronics can also be dropped off at the Jake Abraham Transfer Station, 3221 Mr. Joe White Avenue, for recycling.  

Yard WasteYard Waste...  The Horry County Solid Waste Authority only accepts yard waste in paper bags.  Yard waste (leaves, grass clippings and the like) must be placed in a paper bag for collection.  Paper bags of yard waste can be composted, thus saving valuable landfill space.  Paper lawn bags can be purchased at local retail stores, including Lowes and Home Depot.  Below is a list of additional reminders.

  • Larger tree limbs can be placed at curbside for pickup, but cut them into sections that are four feet long and no larger than four inches in diameter. 
  • All items need to be neatly piled at the curb for pick-up. 
  • All loose items must be placed in brown paper bags. 
  • Please keep yard waste piles three-to-five feet away from other items that are set-out for collection. 
  • Keep yard waste piles three-to-five feet away from other permanent fixtures, such as telephone poles, fences, meter covers, sprinkler heads, parked cars and other items that could be damaged during pick-up.
  • No land clearing debris will be accepted!  And, no commercially generated yard waste will be accepted!

For information regarding collection of storm related debris, see our Storm Damage Debris Collection webpage.

NOTE:  City code requires landscape contractors to haul away the yard debris that they generate.  The city will NOT pick up commercially generated yard waste at curbside!


Myrtle Beach’s residential solid waste staff begins work at 6:00 a.m. weekdays, collecting trash, garbage, recycling, bulky junk and yard waste from curbside.  City code requires that bins or rollout containers for solid waste and recycling be placed at curbside no earlier than 6:00 p.m. the day before collection and no later than 6:00 a.m. on the day of collection.

Likewise, city code also specifies that rollout carts and other containers should be removed from curbside no later than 11:00 p.m. on your collection day.  In other words, don’t leave your pelican or recycling container at curbside all week!  Your neighbors won’t like it, and you’ll be violating the solid waste ordinance.  Please remember to pull your carts and bins back from curbside once your solid waste and recycling carts have been emptied.