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Myrtle Beach Friday Fax Memo


The Public Information Department maintains an online library of previous Friday Fax documents.  To view and download previous Friday Fax Memos, visit the Friday Fax Memo Library webpage.  To receive this weekly listing of meeting schedules and agendas via email, see

  (Click here to download the PDF.)

1.   Visit the Meeting Schedule webpage to view a list of upcoming meetings with agendas.

2.  A new online form makes it easier than ever to apply to serve on a City of Myrtle Beach committee!  The Board Volunteer Application webpage provides an easy way for interested individuals to submit their contact information and upload materials for consideration.  City Clerk Jennifer Adkins receives all submissions and, when vacancies occur or terms expire, City Council reviews the applications and votes to appoint individuals to serve.  Questions?  Send an email to or call 843-918-1004.

3.   The City of Myrtle Beach will receive nearly $7.5 million in State Revolving Fund (SRF) loans for three upcoming utility projects.  SRF loans charge 1.4 percent in interest, and that low percentage will save the city an estimated $2.5 million over current market rates.  In addition, bidders must comply with the American Iron and Steel provision.  This requires contractors to use USA-made iron, steel and manufactured goods, unless a waiver is granted by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  The projects are listed below.

  • Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV) System Upgrades on Water Lines – Eleven of the existing pressure reducing values will be rehabilitated, and nine new pressure reducing valves will be installed to protect the water distribution system.  This project stretches eight miles along U.S. 17, from Harrelson Boulevard to Grande Dunes Boulevard.  The winning bid was $2,168,948.
  • Installation of Standby Diesel-Powered Pumps – As part of this project, standby diesel-powered pumps will be installed at 16 of the largest sewer lift stations to prevent overflows and spills in the event of a power outage from possible causes, including hurricanes.  Due to supply-chain issues, the winning bid for this project increased to $4,701,000.
  • Stormwater System Enhancements The project includes improvements to the Broadway Wetland Stream Stormwater System, specifically the pond upstream from Broadway Street.  Settling basins with native grasses and plants will be installed to slow down and filter stormwater before it continues downstream to the Atlantic Ocean.  The anticipated cost of this project is $600,000.
4.   Drivers, plan for a roadway closure on Hackler Street at The Market Common on Thursday, March 30, 6:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.  Weather permitting, the closure will allow crews to install a large, pre-fabricated restroom in Valor Memorial Garden, 1120 Farrow Parkway.  Barricades will line crosswalks to allow for pedestrian traffic.  The restroom will arrive on a flatbed truck in two pieces, and a crane will be used to position the pieces for installation.  Detour signage will be posted.

5.   The Myrtle Beach Police Department’s “Night of Knowledge” community event is set for Thursday, March 30, at Midtown Vineyard Church, 504 27th Avenue North.  Doors open at 6:00 p.m. and presentations begin at 6:30 p.m.  Residents are invited to join health specialists and government representatives to discuss various topics, including mental health, substance abuse disorder, homelessness, available resources, law enforcement and more.  Attend to learn how our community can work together to make a difference.  Questions?  Send an email to

6.   The nomination deadline for the Colonel Robert Hawkins Veteran Volunteer Service Award is Monday, April 3.  The award is named in memory of Bob Hawkins, a retired U.S. Army colonel and key volunteer behind Myrtle Beach's Military Appreciation Days.  Each year, the Military Appreciation Committee recognizes one individual for volunteer services provided to an individual veteran, a veterans group, veterans’ families and/or the greater Grand Strand veteran community.  To download the nomination form and submission instructions, see  For information, send an email to

7.   A comprehensive list of city-related activities, events, festivals and recreation programs is available on the city’s website.  The Events webpage is updated weekly.

8.   More than 3,000 classic vehicles were in Myrtle Beach last week for the “Run to the Sun” Car and Truck Show, and that’s the subject of our Photos of the Week.  The event is the largest independent car show on the East Coast, and it features all types of pre-1989 automobiles.  From stock to custom, barn-find to hotrod and coupe to convertible, you’ll see it at “Run to the Sun!”  Check out these photos from last week’s show, held on the former Myrtle Square Mall site between Kings Highway and Oak Street.  To view these photos and more, see our Photos of the Week Library webpage.

9.   Did you know...  That City of Myrtle Beach staff tagged 583 abandoned or derelict vehicles on public and private property in 2022?  The vehicles were either inoperable or unregistered.  Once tagged, the owner has seven days to remove the vehicle or bring it into compliance (make it operable, with current registration and insurance).  Of those tagged in 2022, only 60 vehicles were towed away.  Once towed, vehicles may be reclaimed by the owner upon payment of the applicable towing and storage fees.  After 30 days, the tow company may sell unclaimed vehicles and keep the proceeds as compensation.  The goal is to improve the appearance of Myrtle Beach’s residential neighborhoods and commercial areas.