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Issued Business Licenses

(843) 918-1200


The City of Myrtle Beach is an ever-growing and thriving place to open and operate a business!  Below you'll find monthly lists of issued business licenses, provided by the Financial Services Department's Business License Division.  Questions?  Visit the Business License Division webpage or call 843-918-1200. 


The City of Myrtle Beach posts monthly lists of newly issued business licenses here for all to see.  And, the city posts lists of all business licenses issued annually, by the business license year.  Details are posted as PDF files.  Click on a link below to view.

Fiscal Year 2023-24 (Posted Monthly)

Fiscal Year 2022-23 (Posted Monthly)

Fiscal Year 2021-22 (Posted Monthly)

Fiscal Year 2020-21 (Posted Monthly)

Lists of Licenses for Previous Business License Years