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Boards, Commissions & Committees

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Jennifer Adkins, City Clerk


Would you like to serve on a volunteer board, commission or committee for the City of Myrtle Beach?  Myrtle Beach City Council appoints volunteers to serve on city boards, commissions and committees.  Every applicant is subject to a background check.  To apply, visit the Volunteer Board Application webpage and complete the form.  Or, submit a letter of interest and a brief biography or résumé to the City Clerk, P.O. Box 2468, Myrtle Beach, SC 29578. 

As of July 9, 2024, the following boards, commissions and committees have upcoming reappointments or vacancies:

  • Myrtle Beach Convention Center Hotel Corporation Board ( 3 Seats) 
  • Accommodations Tax Advisory Committee (1 Hospitality Industry Seat)
  • Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee (4 Seats)
  • Cultural Resources Committee (1 Seat) 


Accommodations Tax Advisory Committee

The Accommodations Tax Advisory Committee makes recommendations to City Council for distribution of Accommodations Tax funds for tourism-related activities and services.

  • Vacant (Hospitality Industry Seat)
  • Jerome Christia, Ph.D. (term expires 02-22-26)
  • Mary B. Henry (term expires 02-22-27)
  • Thomas Moore (term expires 02-22-27)
  • Betty Mills (term expires 02-22-25)
  • Jamie Broadhurst (term expires 02-22-25)
  • Clay Nance (term expires 02-22-25)
  • Host Department: Financial Management and Reporting

Beach Advisory Committee

The Beach Advisory Committee advises City Council on matters related to the beach itself, including safety franchises, beach erosion and beach activities.

  • Tony Brumfield (term expires 02-22-26)
  • Gordon Hirsch (term expires 10-10-24)
  • William "Ashley" Harper (term expires 02-22-25)
  • Michael Hussey (term expires 02-22-27)
  • Mark Donevant (term expires 02-22-25)
  • Steve C. Taylor (term expires 10-10-24)
  • Robert Randolph "Randy" Wallace (term expires 02-22-26)
  • Staff Liaison: Lindsey Ervin,  

Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee

The Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee reviews and makes recommendations for improving bicycle and pedestrian safety and for supporting bicycle and pedestrian-related events and/or issues.

  • Tom Russo (term expires 08-26-26)
  • Vacant  (term expires 08-26-25)
  • Tim Fortson (term expires 08-26-25)
  • Fleet Odom (term expires 08-26-25)
  • Kathy Winfree (term expires 08-26-24)
  • Bill Macfarlane (term expires 08-26-26)
  • Thomas Vitt (term expires 08-26-26)
  • John Pedersen (term expires 08-26-24)
  • Christopher Walters (term expires 08-26-24)
  • Staff Liaison: Kaitlyn Porter,

Board of Zoning Appeals

The Board of Zoning Appeals is a quasi-judicial body that reviews and decides appeals of administrative decisions, requests for zoning variances and requests for special exceptions.  Appeals of the board’s decisions go to Horry County Circuit Court.

  • Amit Patel (term expires 02-22-2026)
  • Rock Smith (term expires 02-22-2026)
  • William Dickson (term expires 02-22-26)
  • Allen R. Lee (term expires 02-22-27)
  • Aaron McKnight (term expires 02-22-27)
  • James Cameron (term expires 02-22-27)
  • Julian DuRant (term expires 02-22-25)
  • Michael J. Schwartz (term expires 02-22-25)
  • Robert Shelley (term expires 02-22-25)
  • Staff Liaison: Heidi Soos,  

Chapin Memorial Library Board

The Chapin Memorial Library Board advises staff and City Council on library-related issues.  Chapin Memorial Library is the only city-owned library in South Carolina!

  • J. Fickenworth (term expires 02-14-26)
  • Sandi Huddleston-Edwards (term expires 02-14-26)
  • Susan Hudgins (term expires 02-14-26)
  • John Hobson (term expires 02-14-25)
  • Lisa Moniz (term expires 02-14-27)
  • Dana Patrick Painter (term expires 08-23-25)
  • Tina Corley (term expires 02-14-25)
  • Richard Patelunas (term expires 03-23-28)
  • Samuel Bookhart (term expires 02-14-26)
  • Staff Liaison: Jennifer Nassar,

Charlie’s Place Advisory Board

This ad hoc board works to establish operations for Charlie's Place, a city-owned and operated facility.  This committee’s objective is to create policies and procedures for Charlie’s Place and Incubator Spaces for Council’s consideration. 

Myrtle Beach City Council

City Council is comprised of six elected council members and one mayor; elections are non-partisan and at-large, with members serving four-year terms.  Click here to see all City Council documents.

  • Brenda Bethune, Mayor 
  • Mike Lowder, Mayor Pro Tem
  • Michael Chestnut
  • Debbie Conner
  • Jackie Hatley
  • Bill McClure
  • Gregg Smith
  • Staff Liaison: Jennifer Adkins,

City Manager’s Safety Advisory Board (Staff Committee)

This staff committee meets regularly to coordinate and review safety protocols and training curricula for city personnel and departments. 

Community Appearance Board

The Community Appearance Board is the state-authorized board of architectural review.  The CAB reviews all plans, drawings, sketches and other documentation affecting new commercial and multifamily buildings, any oceanfront single family homes, the erection or construction of signage, or any physical changes (including color) affecting the exterior appearance of any of these properties prior to issuance of building permits.

  • Julie Booth (term expires 12-31-26)
  • April Gordon (term expires 12-31-26)
  • Jeff Edens (term expires 12-31-25)
  • Seth McCoy (term expires 12-31-24)
  • Yosi Benezra (term expires 12-31-26) 
  • Joe Jumper (term expires 12-31-24)
  • James Hubbard (term expires 12-31-25)
  • Mayur Jeram (term expires 12-31-24)
  • Lawrence Langdale (term expires 12-31-25)
  • Staff Liaison: Heidi Soos,

Cultural Resources Committee

The Cultural Resources Committee provides advice on such things as arts and culture, historic preservation, community appearance and achieving goals in the Cultural Resources Element of the Comprehensive Plan.

  • Nick Sherfesee (term expires 03-10-26)
  • Thomas Davis (term expires 03-10-26)
  • Chris Mowder (term expires 03-10-26)
  • Vacant  (term expires 03-10-25)
  • Natalie von Loewenfeldt (term expires 03-10-25)
  • Bettye Brookfield (term expires 03-10-25)
  • John Krajc (term expires 03-10-27)
  • Shannon Farro (term expires 03-10-27)
  • Tonya Gore (term expires 03-10-27)
  • Staff Liaison: Brian Schmitt,

Downtown Redevelopment Corporation Board of Directors

This board is a 501©3 nonprofit organization that supports city initiatives around the revitalization of the downtown area.

  • Jonathan "Fox" Simons, Jr. (City Manager)
  • Brian Tucker (Assistant City Manager)
  • Michelle Shumpert (Chief Financial Officer)
  • Two Vacant Seats (Outside City Organization)
  • Staff Liaison: Michelle Shumpert,

Election Commission

The Election Commission assists in the biennial municipal elections, with various duties and functions as set forth in state statutes.

  • William Monckton VI (term expires 09-12-24)
  • Clifford Tall (term expires 09-12-28)
  • Russell B. Long (term expires 07-22-27)
  • Staff Liaison: Jennifer Adkins,

Employee Grievance Committee (Staff Committee)

The Grievance Committee upholds a uniform procedure to resolve grievances of city employees arising from their city employment.

Human Rights Commission

The Human Rights Commission aims to eliminate discriminatory practices within the city by fostering and encouraging the growth and development of the City of Myrtle Beach in a manner that will assure to all persons equal opportunity to live free of discrimination.

  • Cedric Blain-Spain (term expires 02-22-26)
  • Tania Appel (term expires 03-14-26)
  • Crystl Bolie (term expires 02-22-27)
  • Adam Hayes (term expires 11-14-27)
  • Veronica Walters (term expires 02-22-25)
  • Danette Patton (term expires 02-22-26)
  • Shane Cacho (term expires 02-22-25)
  • Terry Livingston (term expires 02-22-25)
  • Nora Hutchison (term expires 02-22-26)
  • Staff Liaison: Kelvin Waites,

Military Appreciation Committee

This ad hoc committee is open to all who are interested in serving.  Under the city’s leadership, the committee plans military-related activities and events for the month of May (Military Appreciation Days) in recognition of the city’s military history, which includes the Myrtle Beach Air Force Base.  The committee, with staff support, also plans and executes annual ceremonies recognizing Memorial Day and Veterans Day and supports other veterans groups in their activities throughout the year. 

Myrtle Beach Convention Center Hotel Corporation Board

The Convention Center Hotel Board of Directors is a closely-held corporation that oversees the city’s ownership of the Sheraton Myrtle Beach Convention Center Hotel and the management of the property.

  • Louis LaBruce (term expires 07-25-24)
  • Adam Johnson (term expires 07-25-24)
  • Frank DuRant (term expires 07-25-24)
  • Matthew D'Antoni (term expires 07-25-26)
  • Judy Rodman (term expires 07-25-25)
  • Yvette Jefferson (term expires 07-25-26)
  • George C. DuRant (term expires 07-25-26)
  • Staff Liaison: Nicki Stoddard,

Myrtle Beach Downtown Alliance

Since its inception, City of Myrtle Beach officials serve as board members for the Myrtle Beach Downtown Alliance, a 501(c)3 nonprofit place management organization (PMO).  Initially funded in its first year by the city, the MBDA is a privately-led association of business and community leaders is dedicated to promoting the growth and diversification of Myrtle Beach’s economy, with a focus on the downtown area and the Arts & Innovation District.  In partnership with the city and property owners, the alliance’s work includes district management, attracting more developers and investment, supporting and addressing needs of small businesses, creating quality job opportunities and increasing the number of housing options available in the downtown area.  The PMO builds upon momentum generated by the city’s efforts to implement the Downtown Master Plan.  To learn more, visit

Myrtle Beach Public Facilities Corporation

A municipal public facilities corporation serves as a nonprofit entity that finances efforts related to facilities associated with governmental powers.

Planning Commission

The Planning Commission reviews and makes recommendations to City Council regarding zoning, annexation, subdivision of property, park design and neighborhood planning.  Under state law, the Planning Commission also names streets.

  • Sharon Boyce (term expires 04-13-25)
  • Joyce M. Karetas (term expires 04-13-26)
  • Zeb Thomas III (term expires 04-13-26)
  • Ann Britain LeMay (term expires 04-13-25)
  • Philip Stalvey (term expires 04-13-27)
  • Darcy Coughlan (term expires 04-13-27)
  • Danielle Lewis (term expires 04-13-25)
  • Austin Guyton (term expires 04-13-26)
  • Paul Williamson (term expires 04-13-27)
  • Staff Liaison: Kelly Mezzapelle,

Property Maintenance Hearing (Staff Committee)

The Property Maintenance Hearing provides staff review of code violation notices and other property maintenance issues with property owners as part of due process.

Seniors Advisory Committee

The Seniors Advisory Committee studies issues of particular significance to senior citizens in the City of Myrtle Beach and advises City Council about policies and programs related to a senior audience. 

  • Richard Patelunas (term expires 02-09-25)
  • Keith Compton (term expires 03-08-26)
  • Carolyn Milliron (term expires 02-09-25)
  • Lauren K. Hudson (term expires 03-08-26)
  • Phil Hayes (term expires 3-8-26)
  • Patty Sleem (term expires 03-08-26)
  • Valerie Tighe (term expires 11-13-24)
  • Barbara Perian (term expires 11-13-24)
  • Lynne A. Baronoff (term expires 07-24-24)
  • Staff Liaison: Meredith Denari,

Special Event Committee (Staff Committee)

This staff committee meets regularly to review applications for Special Event Permit requests and other facility uses, then makes recommendations to City Council for final approval on Special Event Permits. 

Standard Code Board of Adjustments and Appeals

The Standard Code Board of Adjustments and Appeals hears and decides appeals from the decisions of the Building Official or Fire Chief related to Standard Building Code, Standard Plumbing Code, Standard Mechanical Code, Standard Gas Code and the Standard Fire Prevention Code.

  • David Raynor (term expires 04-26-28)
  • Neil McCoy (alternate)(term expires 04-26-25)
  • Judith Blackburn (term expires 04-26-25)
  • Robert McElveen (term expires 04-26-28)
  • Jeff Hunter (alternate)(term expires 04-26-25)
  • Richard L. Berry (Architect/Engineer)(term expires 04-26-26)
  • Adam Singleton (Licensed Contractor)(term expires 04-26-28)
  • Staff Liaison: Emily Hardee,

Workforce Housing Advisory Board

The Workforce Housing Advisory Board is an ad hoc group, open to community members and city staff who desire to collectively plan and execute the city’s needs relating to affordable workforce housing.