Support your local businesses…

Our hearts go out to everyone who’s experiencing or expecting damage from “Florence the Flood.”  The hurricane and subsequent flooding have affected the Grand Strand’s economy considerably.  Our regular visitors are either dealing with effects of the storm themselves, or else they simply can’t get here easily.  Travel to and from the Grand Strand will be difficult for the next week or two. 

With that in mind, here’s a great chance for City of Myrtle Beach residents to get out and support your local businesses.  Restaurants are open, with no lines!  Go shop at your favorite stores or explore ones you’ve always wanted to try.  Get out and enjoy entertainment venues and “tourist” destinations.  Your support could mean the world to a local business that’s struggling in this window.  Again, Myrtle Beach survived the hurricane remarkably well.  Your support can help local businesses survive the post-storm recovery period.