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Information for New Utility Customers...

The Financial Services Department is responsible for water, sewer, sanitation and stormwater management fees, all billed monthly on the same utility statement.  Call 843-918-1212 for assistance.  The Financial Services Department is in the City Services Building, 921 North Oak Street, Myrtle Beach, SC  29577. 

NEW, BEGINNING JULY 1, 2019...  Click here to view the schedule of water and sewer user charges, effective with service billed on or after August 1, 2019. 

If you're a new customer, see the FAQs below!

How can I pay my utility bill?

Can I receive my bill electronically and avoid the paper bill?

I need to start my utility service.  What do I do?

How much is the utility deposit?

Does it matter whether I am a new customer or an existing customer when applying for utility service?

I am a property owner who rents to others. Do I have to pay a utility deposit?

When do I get my deposit back?

How often am I billed?

What kind of utility bill can I expect to receive?

Will I receive a bill even if I do not use any water?