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Friday, July 8, 2022

You'll hear the sound of pickleballs hitting paddles as you approach the courts at Midway Memorial Park, 1910 South Kings Highway.  Pickleball players of all skill levels and ages arrive with fellow players and family members.  The 10 courts are often all in use, and so are the neighboring tennis courts.  You’ll see people shooting hoops, too, in the cooler hours of the day.  Midway Memorial Park brings many community members and visitors together, thanks to renovations earlier this year. 

MidwayPOW1 - Copy

MidwayPOW2 - Copy

MidwayPOW3 - Copy

MidwayPOW4 - Copy

MidwayPOW5 - Copy

MidwayPOW6 - Copy

MidwayPOW7 - Copy

MidwayPOW8 - Copy

MidwayPOW9 - Copy

MidwayPOW10 - Copy

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