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Friday, May 17, 2019

Myrtle Beach’s Police Officer and Firefighter of the Year were named this week, thanks to local civic clubs.  The Myrtle Beach Rotary Club selected PFC David Clever from seven nominees to be the Police Officer of the Year for 2018.  Also nominated for the top honor were Josh Eller, Chris Starling, Mohammed Channani, Spencer Sawicki, Mike Damore and Tiffany Whitemire.  The Chicora Rotary Club selected Fire Captain Jim Clement as the Firefighter of the Year for 2018.  Also nominated were Matthew Ballard, Thad Bowman and Joe Friedman.  Congratulations to all for their nominations and thanks to the Rotary Clubs for recognizing Myrtle Beach’s top public safety personnel each year. 

POY and FFOY 2018 1
POY and FFOY 2018 2
POY and FFOY 2018 3
POY and FFOY 2018 4
POY and FFOY 2018 5
POY and FFOY 2018 6

POY and FFOY 2018 7
POY and FFOY 2018 8
POY and FFOY 2018 9
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