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Charlie's Place

(843) 918-1062

1420 Carver Street


Tours are available on Tuesdays and Fridays, 12:30 to 2:30 p.m.  Call 843-918-1062 or send an email to for information.


From the late 1930s to the early 1960s, Charlie’s Place was a Myrtle Beach nightspot owned by Charlie Fitzgerald and his wife, Sarah.  The nightclub was on Carver Street in the Booker T. Washington Neighborhood, next door to their home and a small hotel they operated. 

Early Motown performers brought their music to Charlie’s Place in the days before integration.  It provided a place for African-American artists of the day to perform, including Dizzy Gillespie, Little Richard, Billie Holiday, Duke Ellington and many others. 

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The city's goal to preserve the history and musical culture of the former African-American nightclub and adjacent motel came to life when the city honored the community's request by buying the land.  When completed, the city seeks to restore the economic contribution the club made to the community.

Phase One of the preservation included reconstruction and remodeling of Fitzgerald’s house for use as a community center and event space.  
The work involved 1,264 square feet of interior space and 240 square feet of screen porch reconstruction.  Crews added space to the rear of the building to include restrooms for visitors attending activities to be held on the site.  Phase Two of the renovation included restoration of the first four motel units and reconstruction of eight other units.  A few of the rooms will be kept as a museum to the era, showing what “Green Book” travel was like in times of segregation.  Other rooms will be reconstructed and used for small shops and community classes or crafts.   To see photos of the process, click here.

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Charlie's Place offers four incubator units for rent to entrepreneurs!  A minimum of a one-year lease agreement is required, with annual renewal for a maximum of three years.  

Interested in renting a business incubator unit?  Contact the Neighborhood Services Department at 843-918-1062.

 City Resident  $250/Month
 Non-City Resident  $420/Month



The facility will soon be ready to accept rental applications.  Note that occupancy numbers will factor in to what space will best serve the rental need.  For more information, contact the Neighborhood Services Department at 843-918-1062.

 Small Meeting Room
(City Resident Rate)
 $20/Hour  $35/Hour
 Small Meeting Room
(Non-City Resident Rate)
 $35/Hour  $60/Hour
 Large Meeting Room
(City Resident Rate)
 $30/Hour  $45/Hour
 Large Meeting Room
(Non-City Resident Rate)
 $55/Hour  $80/Hour
 Outdoor Area*
(City Resident Rate)
 $50/Hour  $85/Hour
 Outdoor Area*
(Non-City Resident Rate)
 $85/Hour  $140/Hour

*Outdoor area rentals include the use of restrooms.