Ocean water quality is excellent in Myrtle Beach

A couple of short-term water quality advisories issued last week all were lifted as of Friday, June 15.  An advisory typically lasts for only a day or two and affects only 400 feet of beach.  For example, the two short-term advisories last week affected less than two-tenths of one percent of Myrtle Beach’s oceanfront.

The city and the state both test the ocean waters twice a week.  Should a reading come back elevated following a heavy rain, a short-term advisory is posted for 200 feet north and south of that location.  The advisory is lifted as soon as water quality returns to normal, which is typically only a day or two.  Again, all short-term advisories have been lifted.

The regular testing program confirms that our ocean waters are in excellent health and safe for swimming.  A short-term advisory, when issued, is a recommendation against swimming, although it does not prohibit swimming.  The Grand Strand has no heavy industry and no point-source pollution, so the only concern is wildlife and pet waste from heavy stormwater (rainfall) runoff.

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