Myrtle Beach seeking Fleet Manager to oversee the city's long-term vehicle needs

Myrtle Beach is seeking a Fleet Manager to oversee the city’s long-term vehicle needs.  The City operates several hundred vehicles of all types, some of which must be replaced each year.  See the Fleet Manager job description, below, and apply online at

FLEET MANAGER – Primary responsibilities are to oversee and manage the operations of the City’s long-term fleet replacement schedule and annual vehicle purchasing requirements.  This person will:  develop a vehicle replacement program by researching current standards of vehicle use and cost of operation with other agencies and the private sector; assess the condition and cost of operation, availability and technology outdating the fleet; develop specifications for the purchase of vehicles and fleet related supplies; determine when a vehicle or piece of heavy equipment is no longer economically useable; assure a safe and efficient fleet of vehicles and equipment by reviewing repair request, repair cost, and availability records to identify inefficient operation; develop and administer polices relating to vehicle use.  This position manages overall fleet operation and personnel by ensuring the efficient overhaul, repair, servicing and preventive maintenance of the vehicles and equipment (heavy).  The position also supervises fleet mechanics and fleet personnel; develops and manages contracts with external vendors for various types of fleet repairs and services; and assign work activities, projects, and programs.  Required:  a Two-Year Associate’s degree or equivalent in Business Administration, Public Administration or related field.  Salary $60,651/yr., plus benefits.  Application deadline is 5:00 p.m., March 17, 2019.


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