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City of Myrtle Beach issued thousands of building permits during 2018 calendar year

During calendar year 2018, the City of Myrtle Beach issued 7,277 building permits (all kinds) with a total construction value of $355,275,696.  Of that total, $209,555,657 was for residential construction, while the remaining $145,720,039 was for commercial construction.  The numbers include 594 new single-family homes and 51 new commercial buildings, just inside the city limits.  By the way, during the past five calendar years (January 2014 through December 2018), the City of Myrtle Beach issued 2,332 permits for new single-family homes.  Here are those annual numbers:  452 new homes in 2014; 386 in 2015; 369 in 2016; 531 in 2017; and, 594 in 2018.