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The city's green 35-gallon or 65-gallon rollout carts are for recycling use only, and acceptable items can be mixed together. These items include...

-- aluminum cans and tin cans...
-- empty aerosol cans with no caps
-- plastic bottles, jars and jugs (containers marked with a #1 through #7 are accepted)
-- empty glass bottles and jars
-- rigid plastics
-- office paper, school paper, shredded paper and file folders
-- corrugated cardboard and paper bags
-- empty pizza boxes and paperboard boxes
-- paper egg cartons and paper milk/juice cartons
-- brochures, catalogs, magazines and newspapers
-- opened mail and junk mail
-- paperback books and phone books

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The city's residential recycling center for drop-off items, known as the Solid Waste Transfer Station, is located at 3221 Mr. Joe White Avenue. Questions? Call 843-918-2160 or 843-918-2000.