Cold weather safety tips

With bitter temperatures coming to Myrtle Beach, we thought it would be good to repeat these safety tips...

• Bring pets indoors or provide a warm shelter for them!
• Check on elderly neighbors and relatives to be sure they are comfortable.
• New Directions’ shelter on Osceola Street will provide emergency overnight shelter for people who have no other place to escape the cold....
• Space heaters need space. Keep everything at least three feet away from them.
• Non-electric portable heaters should be properly vented.
• NEVER leave space heaters unattended. Turn them OFF when leaving or going to bed.
• NEVER plug an electric heater into an extension cord.
• Do not use an oven to heat your home.
• Have working smoke detectors in all bedrooms and on every level of your home.
• If traveling extended distances, pack a blanket and additional warm clothing.
• Close crawl space vents.
• Disconnect the garden hose from the spigot.
• Insulate around outside spigots.
• Leave a light on in the utility room. (Works with incandescent bulbs, but not with LEDs or flourescents.)
• Allow a trickle of water to run from a faucet.