Myrtle Beach skate park receives award at CCU

The Matt Hughes Skate Park received the Coastal Carolina Real Estate Award last night in the Government, Public and Non-Profit category.   The recently remodeled Matt Hughes Skate Park re-opened in July 2018, thrilling local skateboarders of all ages.  It was converted into a concrete street-style park with modern enhancements.  The city provided $100,000 for construction as a capital improvement project, while individuals and groups contributed another $25,000-plus toward the renovation.

Aaron Frobase, Recreation Leader at Pepper Geddings Recreation Center,is an avid skateboarder and is instrumental in programing the park and ensuring the renovations were completed.  He accepted the award last night on the city’s behalf.  Congratulations to Aaron and the many partners who collaborated with the City of Myrtle Beach to improve the Matt Hughes Skate Park, making it a state-of-the-art venue.

The Matt Hughes Skate Park originally opened in 1998 and was named in memory of Matthew Reed Hughes, a local skateboarder who died following a skating accident near his home in North Myrtle Beach.  For the park’s 20th anniversary, plans were developed to modernize the facility, which is in daily use by our skate-boarding community.