Tips to avoid "festive stress" during the holidays

It’s the holiday season here in Myrtle Beach. Vacationing, shopping, partying, cooking, decorating and spending time with the ones you love is great fun.  But it can also be overwhelming, and all of the fanfare may lead to festive stress.  Dealing with stress does not have to take the joy out of your December.  Here are some tips for coping with an managing your stress: 

Count to 10
*  Use a breathing technique to calm yourself
*  Meditate; slow down
*  Go for a walk or jog
*  Don’t abandon your healthy habits
*  Create (and follow) a holiday budget
*  Make a task list of things “to do”
*  Plan ahead!  Do not procrastinate.

The holiday season is wonderful and magical, but the hustle and bustle can be draining.  With a little planning and some positive thinking, you can find peace and joy.  Happy holidays from the City of Myrtle Beach.