List of Myrtle Beach streets to be repaved, thanks to RIDE III

The following list of city-owned streets have been identified as those most needing attention and will be repaved this year.  Funding for the maintenance effort – nearly $2 million – is part of the RIDE III effort to resurface100 miles of paved roads in Horry County.  Areas east of Kings Highway will be paved this spring, while the remainder of the list will be paved in the fall. 

What is RIDE III?  By a margin of 69% to 31%, Horry County voters approved a referendum supporting RIDE III in November 2016.  Beginning May 1, 2017, Horry County imposed a 1% Capital Project Tax to fund road construction and maintenance.  The repaving list is just a small part of the grand total, but local residents should notice the improvements. 

All RIDE III project funding must be approved through the RIDE III Commission and Horry County Council.  For more information and an interactive map, see

Here’s a list of city-owned roads that will be resurfaced in 2018, thanks to RIDE III…

  • 4th Avenue North, from Myrtle Street to Ocean Boulevard
  • 11th Avenue South, from Kings Highway to Ocean Boulevard
  • 17th Avenue North, from Oak Street to Withers Drive
  • 27th Avenue South, from Kings Highway to Ocean Boulevard
  • 28th Avenue South, from Yaupon Drive to Ocean Boulevard
  • 72nd Avenue North, from Ocean Boulevard to the Atlantic Ocean
  • Brentwood Drive, 76th to 79th Avenues North
  • Chapin Circle (off Pineneedle Drive), Bryan Place and Nelson Court
  • Dogwood Circle, from Kings Road to the end
  • Glenwood Drive, 76th to 79th Avenues North
  • Kings Circle, from Kings Road to the end
  • Melanie Lane, from 17th Avenue South to Pinner Place
  • Ocean Boulevard, from South Kings Highway to 6th Avenue South
  • Phillis Boulevard, from Johnson Street to Shine Avenue
  • Pine Circle, Kings Road to the end
  • All of Pineneedle Drive
  • Pinner Place, off Pridgen Road
  • Rosemary Street, 20th to 22nd Avenues South
  • Rourk Street, from 82nd Parkway to Nigels Drive
  • Nigels Drive, from 82nd Parkway to Rourk Street
  • Settlers Drive, from 44th Avenue North to Pioneer Lane
  • Mallard Lake Drive, form Highway 17 to Pampas Drive
  • Juniper Drive, from Mallard Lake Drive to Spruce Drive
  • Spruce Drive, from Juniper Drive to Mallard Lake Drive
  • 69th Avenue North Street End
  • 29th Avenue South Street End
  • 6th Avenue South Street End
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