Street paving underway in Myrtle Beach

As promised this spring, the contractor is back to complete the local road repaving list. The city usually budgets $200,000 for repaving of city-owned streets, but this year we have additional funding, thanks to RIDE III, for repaving. The photo here shows Mallard Lake Drive in Seagate Village, where milling has already occurred. Paving will happen once the weather cooperates. Here's the full list of city streets to be paved this fall.

72nd Ave North - Street End
69th Ave North - Street End
17th Ave North - Oak to Withers
4th Ave North - Myrtle Street to Blvd.
6th Ave South - Street End
11th Ave South - Kings to Ocean Blvd.
27th Ave South - Kings to Ocean Blvd.
28th Ave South - Yaupon to Ocean Blvd.
29th Ave South - Street End
Phillis Blvd. - Johnson to Shine
Settlers Dr. - 44th to Pioneer
Mallard Lake Dr. - Hwy 17 to Pampas Dr.
Juniper Dr. - Mallard Lake Dr. to Spruce Dr.
Spruce Dr. - Juniper to Mallard Lake
Ocean Blvd. - Front Gate to 6th South
26th Ave S - Yaupon to Ocean
Pampas - Jonguil to Myers
27th Ave N - Ocean Blvd. to asphalt joint
Boundary Street - 5th South to Hwy 15
Porcher - 79th to 63rd N