Myrtle Beach Mayor Brenda Bethune asks for patience, as flooding indirectly affects our city

The sun is out and all appears to be back to normal.
However, that is not the full picture. Roughly 90 percent of our Public Works staff lives in areas that will be seriously affected by the flooding west of us.  In addition, many roads into Myrtle Beach will be closed within the next two days.  Many are already experiencing flooding. 
As a result, city services, especially trash collection, will continue to be an issue. Because our staff will be limited, until further notice there will be no pick up of recyclables, yard debris or bulky junk.  We will continue to pick up household garbage only from our residential customers.  This is due to threefactors:

  1. 90% of our staff is at risk of losing their homes and will not be able to get to work.
  2. Access to the county landfill is limited at best and will continue to worsen.
  3. Access to may be limited as additional roads flood in the western part of the county.

"I’m pleading with everyone to be empathetic during this time of crisis. We are blessed in Myrtle Beach that we did not suffer damages from this storm, however we are being impacted in a very significant way.  This is a time for us to join together and to be patient," said Mayor Brend Bethune.

"Our team is working with the county to help our neighbors there, and I ask you to do the same.  We have our homes intact and our lives have not been affected. But tens of thousands of our neighbors are preparing to lose everything.  Let’s show them our love and compassion.  Let patience guide our ways.," said Mayor Bethune.