Everyone wants to know about re-entry into Myrtle Beach and the Grand Strand. And the answer is... We don't know yet.

First, the storm isn't over (as we write this at 7:15 p.m. on Friday, September 14). Florence is a tropical storm, but maximum winds are still near 70 miles per hour, rainfall is heavy, and the storm is moving at just three miles per hour to the west. We will be in these conditions overnight, at least.

If all goes well, Myrtle Beach city crews will be able to get out at first light and assess the damage. As you can see from the attached Damage Tracking Map, we've had 60 reports of damage already. They include downed trees, power lines down, traffic signals not working, debris in the road and a few flooded roadways.

Our goal is to make things safe for re-entry, so that people can return to homes and businesses as quickly as possible. That may take a day, or two? We won't know until we see. Plus, the Governor's Office has to lift the evacuation order. Even when that occurs, it's possible that some damaged areas may remain off limits.

Thanks to everyone for understanding. We want to back home as quickly as possible, too. But first, Florence has to leave.