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Myrtle Beach receives generous gift for dune walkovers

MAY 13, 2022

GOOD NEWS! Barbara Enrick, a Myrtle Beach resident, has donated $10,000 to be used for the City of Myrtle Beach’s beach walkover reconstruction program. The gracious gift came after she reported a beach walkover to staff, with the issues being corrected. Ms. Enrick, delighted by staff’s timely response, wanted to show her gratitude with a donation to support the city’s routine walkover reconstruction efforts. Here’s the full story behind her generous gift....

Each year, the City of Myrtle Beach uses Capital Improvement money to reconstruct beach walkovers that, with time, have begun to show the negative effects of consistent use and exposure to outdoor elements. A few weeks ago, Infrastructure Manager Chris Miller received a call from resident Barbara Enrick. The Myrtle Beach resident voiced her concerns about a steep stair and a shorter handrail at the 34th Avenue North walkover.

City of Myrtle Beach staff examined the walkover closely and agreed with Ms. Enrick’s reports. The team concluded the walkover was rebuilt after a beach renourishment when sand was higher than usual. As time passes after a beach renourishment, the sand shifts naturally and settles. This effect created a steeper step at the walkover.
To remedy these concerns, the city contacted the current walkover contractor and asked for the 34th Avenue North walkover to be reworked. With excitement, Ms. Enrick wrote the check for the city to use on future walkover projects. Following routine protocol, the donation will be added as a motion to the upcoming City Council agenda for Council’s approval. The next Council meeting will be Tuesday, May 24.

The City of Myrtle Beach thanks you, Barbara Enrick!