FOR THE RECORD:  Statement from City of Myrtle Beach

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The City of Myrtle Beach would like to set the record straight after a number of published articles have led some to believe that simply cursing could result in a fine in Myrtle Beach.

The city and the Myrtle Beach Police Department support and defend the First Amendment and everyone’s constitutional right to free speech.  Like most citizens, we would prefer that people speak and act kindly.  Using profanity may be offensive, but by itself, it is NOT an offense.

The city’s “Disorderly Conduct; Breach of the Peace” ordinance clearly states the use of profanity only becomes unlawful when a person’s conduct incites public disorder or a breach of the peace. This means a person cannot be arrested merely for using vulgar language. However, they can be cited for their disorderly behavior – which may or may not include the use of profanity.