Hurricane season continues through November 30, and now is the time to evaluate and prepare your home and property

Evaluating property risks and preparing for a hurricane is much more simple than you might think! Here are a few tips and suggestions from the City of Myrtle Beach Emergency Management team and FEMA...

-- Trim and maintain branches and trees.
-- Check and clean drain system(s).
-- Secure solar panels, satellite dishes and water systems with anchors.
-- Store flammable materials in a secure place.
-- Seal and secure the roof and make sure it is in good condition.
-- Secure and/or reinforce windows and doors.
-- Re-evaluate homeowners and flood insurance policies.
-- Secure outdoor furniture, tools and equipment.
-- Remove and keep debris away from the house or property.
-- In case of storms, move cars to higher ground if you are located in a flood zone.