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Ocean Woods Cemetery

(843) 918-2251

2408 South Kings Highway

Kurt Klepper, Cemetery Manager


The City of Myrtle Beach owns and operates Ocean Woods Cemetery on South Kings Highway, near Harrelson Boulevard.  The Cemetery covers 20 acres and has some 7,000 graves, the oldest of which dates to 1879.  Currently, Ocean Woods Cemetery has approximately 700 available graves sites.  Permanent resting places for beloved pets also are available at Ocean Woods.

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The gates of Ocean Woods Cemetery open to the public daily from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.  For more information, contact Cemetery Manager at 843-918-2251.


In 2019, three students from the Academy for the Arts, Science and Technology created an app that shows grave sites and who’s buried where.  It’s called the Ocean Woods Cemetery Viewer.  Click on one of the grave site dots and see expanded information or search for a deceased person’s name, birth date or death date.  Each point displayed on the map contains information and a photo of the grave site.  The app is a work in progress.  It began as an internship for a Senior Mastery project, and the goal is to continue building it in phases with each Academy Arts, Sciences and Technology senior class.   The project is a partnership between the school and the City of Myrtle Beach to allow students to apply in-class lessons to real-world situations.