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Sister Cities Program

Our friends abroad...

Myrtle Beach has four sister cities and is part of the International Sister Cities Association. We have an active chapter that meets regularly. Delegations from Myrtle Beach periodically travel to our sister cities, and we occasionally host visitors from them. For more information, contact City Clerk  Jennifer Stanford at 843-918-1004.

  • Killarney, Ireland:  Killarney is Ireland's premier tourist destination and Myrtle Beach's newest Sister City. Located in southwestern Ireland, Killarney is surrounded by beautiful scenery, a national park and numerous golf courses. In addition, visitors enjoy nearby lakes and historic castles. Killarney has about 12,000 fulltime residents.
  • Pinamar, Argentina:  Like Myrtle Beach, Pinamar is a resort town on the Atlantic coast of Argentina. Pinamar has approximately 20,000 full-time residents, but welcomes thousands of visitors each year.
  • Bradford-Keighley, England:  Keighley, pronounced "Keith-ley," is a textile and railroad town in West Yorkshire. It is part of the larger City of Bradford, with a history that dates back a thousand years.
  • Burlington, Ontario, Canada:  Burlington, with a population of more than 140,000, is just an hour north of the United States. It is on the shore of Lake Ontario, at the western end of the greater Toronto area.