Community Appearance Board

Community Appearance Board
1:30 p.m., Thursday, April 18, 2019
Conference Room, City Services Building
921 North Oak Street, Myrtle Beach, SC  29577


A.   Roll Call

B.   Approval of Minutes: April 4, 2019, meeting

C.   Old Business

D.   New Business:

Sign Permit Applications
1.    Rambler – 4377 North Kings Highway:  Requests approval (1) 10’w x 2’6”h reverse channel letters mounted on a distressed wood back panel. (Sign Works)
2.    Mr. Fries – 913 North Ocean Boulevard Unit A:  Requests approval of (1) 17’w x 3’h channel letters and LED light box. (Sign Works)
3.    Liaison Q’s Construction – 635 Broadway Street Suite A:  Requests approval of (1) 2’6”w x 2’h vinyl graphics applied to window. (Owner)
4.    Myrtle Beach Early Childhood School – 612 29th Avenue North:  Requests approval of (1) 9’5”w x 1’3”h PVC letters and (1) 7’w x 3’h CEVMS sign added to existing monument sign in place of current lettering and changeable copy area. In addition, requests approval of (1) 18’2”w x 6”h PVC letters mounted to building entrance. (Tyson Signs)
5.    Myrtle Beach Elementary School – 3302 Robert M. Grissom Parkway:  Requests approval of (1) 21’11”w x 6’6”h monument sign to include a 9’3”w x 3’8”h CEVMS, (1) reworking of existing 6’w x 8’h monument sign, and (1) 42’w x 2’4”h letters on building entrance. (Tyson Signs)
6.    Myrtle Beach Primary School – 620 29th Avenue North:  Requests approval of (1) reworking of existing 10’w x 6’h monument sign to include a 7’w x 3’h CEVMS, and (1) 11’7”w x 2’1”h letters on building entrance. (Tyson Signs)
7.    Better Brands – 908 Jackson Street:  Requests approval of (1) 15’5”w x 7’8”h foam logo and letters mounted on building façade, (1) 11’3”w x 8’10”h foam and PVC letters on existing monument fence sign, and (1) 7’w x 5’10”h foam and PVC letters on existing monument fence sign. (Tyson Signs)
8.    Commercial Openings – 1306 Enterprise Avenue Unit A:  Requests approval of (1) 12’w x 4’h wall sign mounted on building façade. (Tyson Signs)
9.    Coastal Clean, Wash & Fold – 1116 3rd Avenue South:  Requests approval of (1) 6’8”w x 2’8”h sandblasted sign mounted to building side facade. (Fastsigns)
10.  Del Webb – Corner of Colline Verdi Way & Fontane Way and the corner of Tramonto Street & Fontane Way:  Requests approval of (2) 21’w x 3’10”h Grande Dunes style neighborhood monument signs. (Sign Studio & Graphics)
11.  Dental Wellness Center – 1009 Highway 501 Suite 70:  Requests approval of (1) 6’8”w x 3’6”h internally lit channel letters and (1) 2’4”w x 5”h tenant panel on existing multi-tenant freestanding sign. (Lowcountry Signs)
12.  Eggs Up Grill – 3630 Walton Drive:  Requests approval of (2) 8’11”w x 3’6”h channel letters and logo box mounted on building front and side façades. The current channel letters and logo on building front façade will be removed. (Masstar Signs)
13.  Boardwalk Beach Shop – 118 9th Avenue North:  Requests approval of (1) 14’w x 2’h wall sign. (Owner)
14.  Glowstreet Studio – 209 North Kings Highway:  Requests approval of (1) 6’w x 5’h sign face on existing freestanding sign. (Owner)
15.  Cormac Arms and Outfitters – 1205 38th Avenue North:  Requests approval of (1) 10’w x 2’5”h channel letters and capsule mounted to building. (Seaboard Signs)

Sign, Lighting and Building Applications

1.    2nd Avenue Parking – 202 South Ocean Boulevard:  Requests approval of (1) 4’8”w x 12’h pylon sign and a conceptual/final review for an asphalt parking lot and landscape plan. (Seaboard Signs/Coastal Landscape Group).
2.    Atlantic North Hotel – 411 North Ocean Boulevard:  Requests approval of (15) building mounted up and down lights and (27) building mounted wall lights. (Owner)

Building Permit Applications

1.    Ripley’s 5D Moving Theater – 917 North Ocean Boulevard:  Requests a final review for the repainting of the building. (Previously heard as a conceptual review on 4/4/19)  (ASL Sign Services, LLC)
2.    Brandywine North HOA – 503 Pinewood Road: Requests a conceptual/final review for an 8’ x 8’ wood mailbox shelter. (Owner)
3.    Scotchman #3053 – 3211 South Kings Highway:  Requests a conceptual/final review for the repainting of the building. (Owner)
4.    Tehila, LLC – 801 Seaboard Street:  Requests a conceptual/final review for the repainting of the building. (Owner)
5.    Tehila, LLC – 1020 Commerce Place Unit B:  Requests a conceptual/final review for the repainting of the building. (Owner)
6.    The Ship Yard at Sea Captain’s House – 3002 North Ocean Boulevard:  Requests a conceptual/final review for an outdoor bar with patio. (IQ Designs)
7.    West Wind Phase II – 1301 Pridgen Road:  Requests a conceptual/final review for a 60”h style C black aluminum fence around the community pool. (Action Fence Company)
8.    Allegra Print – 1501 Mercantile Place:  Requests a conceptual/final review for a 6'h  black coated chain link fence with gates and black vertical privacy slats on north and west side of the building. (Goode Fence)
9.    Anchorage I – 5511 North Ocean Boulevard:  Requests a conceptual/final review to add 90 linear feet of 6'h aluminum fence adjacent to north side of parking garage and add 11' of 6'h wood fence and gate to shield compactor. (Goode Fence)
10.  The Lively at Market Common – Meyers Avenue & Farrow Parkway:  Requests a conceptual/final review for landscape and building material revisions to previously approved plans for a new apartment complex. (DDC Engineers)
11.  Roberts Residence – 3600 North Ocean Boulevard:  Requests a conceptual review for a 9,005 square foot home, driveway, and landscape plan. (Randolph Ford)

E.    Non-Agenda Items from Staff
F.    Non-Agenda Items from Board Members
G.   Executive Session:  The board may take action on items discussed during Executive Session, once the Executive Session ends and the Public Session resumes.
H.   Adjournment