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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How can I register as a vendor for the city?
A:  All vendors/suppliers doing business with the City of Myrtle Beach should submit a Vendor Application to the Purchasing Division.

Q:  How can I obtain a copy of the current contract or bid tabulation?
A:  Vendors can access copies of current contracts and tabulations from the Current Bid Solicitations or through the Purchasing Division.

Q:  Where can bidders drop off their bid/proposals?
A:  Sealed bids and proposals must be received at the location specified in the solicitation document prior to the due date and time or they will be considered non-responsive. Bids and proposals received after the due date/time will not be accepted.

Q:  Can we submit bids electronically?
A:  No, we do not accept bids electronically.  Bids/solicitations must be presented by hard copy to the Purchasing Division in a sealed envelope.

Q:  When will bids open?
A:  Please visit the Current Bid Solicitations page and search by solicitation.

Q: How will I be notified if I am the successful or unsuccessful vendor or bidder?
A:  The successful vendor(s) or bidder(s) of an annual contract is notified of award by either by phone or letter from the city's Purchasing Division.

Q:  Can I change my bid?
A:  Sealed bids cannot be changed by the city or the bidder once they have been opened and read aloud publicly. The city may seek clarification in some instances, but not to change or alter the bid that was submitted. Submit bids that reflect the best price your firm can offer and the delivery times that you can meet. Some solicitations include penalties/liquidated damages for late delivery of products. Ability to perform under the contract will be subject to evaluation and may affect future awards.