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Downtown Redevelopment Corporation

To learn more about the Arts and Innovation District, visit the Arts & Innovation District webpage.  To learn more about Opportunity Zones in Myrtle Beach, visit the city's Opportunity Zones webpage.

(843) 918-1055

DRC Building
517 Ninth Avenue North
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Lauren Clever, Executive Director
Brian Schmitt, Executive Assistant
Alfreda Funnye, Social Media Specialist


The Downtown Redevelopment Corporation's mission is to initiate and facilitate revitalization of Myrtle Beach's central business district through the following actions...

  • Activately promote the Opportunity Zones in Myrtle Beach.
  • Add and enhance public infrastructure (Example:  Myrtle Beach Boardwalk).
  • Create and promote economic incentive programs.
  • Educate the business community about available incentives.
  • Host events to encourage "foot traffic" to the business community during shoulder seasons.
  • Implement strategic aesthetic and business development goals.
  • Lead the Arts & Innovation District planning and Master Plan execution process.
  • Strengthen partnerships with small business community, private investors and development sector professionals.


To view the DRC Board of Directors, visit the city's Boards, Commissions & Committees webpage.