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A swash is the point where a natural stream meets the beach and ocean.  It's a narrow channel through which tides flow or a bar over which waves wash freely.

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Corner Icon Today's Withers Swash and much of the surrounding area was part of a 66,000-acre King's grant to Robert Francis Withers in the early 1700s.  Robert and his wife, Mary, operated an indigo plantation overlooking the swash.  Earlier names for Myrtle Beach included Long Bay, Withers and New Town.  The Withers post office was replaced by the first Myrtle Beach post office in the early 1900s. 

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Withers Swash District Plan


Conceptual study for an environmental community


The primary objective of the Withers Swash District Plan is creation of a highly sustainable and ecologically rich park environment that recognizes and preserves the historical significance and heritage of the region.  The resulting green space should address stormwater management, provide an area for residents to enjoy, and stimulate neighborhood revitalization. 


The secondary objective is to foster and implement an integrated approach to transportation, land use, community connectivity, cultural heritage, economic catalysts and development density. The plan was developed during months of meetings with various stakeholders, including residents, business people, environmental groups and government organizations.  The final plan was presented to City Council on March 23, 2010. 


The Withers Swash District Plan

For more information, contact:


Carol Coleman, Myrtle Beach Planning Director (843-918-1075)

John Pedersen, Myrtle Beach City Manager (843-918-1002)



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