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Do you have a question about the city's Municipal Court?  Visit our Frequently Asked Court Questions page or call the Clerk of Court at 843-918-1356.

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P2C (Police-to-Citizen) Reports and Statistics

On-Line Ticket Payments

Parking Meter Ticket Payments

Wreck Reports (adult)before Oct. 26, 2010

Wreck Reports (juvenile)before Oct. 26, 2010

Citations and Arrests for previous 90 days

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Beach and Boating Laws

Citizens Police Academy

Neighborhood Watch

Special Event Requests

Policies and Procedures Manual

Precious Metals Permit

Taxi & Chauffeur Permits

2:00 a.m. Exemption Application

Convenience Store Security Measures

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Police Department Records Section


Incident reports and recordkeeping  843-918-1315


 The Records Section of the Myrtle Beach Police Department is responsible for the creation, storage, retrieval, distribution and retention of all police records. This section responds to a broad range of questions and requests from within the department, as well as from citizens, news media and other agencies. 


New!  The Police-to-Citizen web site is now available with daily information from the Myrtle Beach Police Department.  Visit the P2C site for copies of incident reports, accident reports (since October 26, 2010), jail logs, crime statistics and more.  See the Quick Links at left for additional information related to the Myrtle Beach Police Department.  The P2C site also has information for Neighborhood Watch groups. 


You will note on the P2C site that accident reports are available only to those persons who were parties to the accident.  South Carolina State Code prohibits the use of traffic accident reports for purposes of commercial solicitation.  Here is the applicable section of state law....


SECTION 56-5-1275. Requests for accident investigation reports; dissemination of reports.   With respect to a motor vehicle accident, no employee of any law enforcement agency shall allow any person to examine or obtain a copy of any accident report or related investigative report when the employee knows or should reasonably know that the request for access to the report is for commercial solicitation purposes. No person shall request any law enforcement agency to permit examination or to furnish a copy of any such report for commercial solicitation purposes. All persons, except law enforcement personnel and persons named in the report, shall be required to submit a separate written request to the law enforcement agency for each report. A written request under this section must state the requestor's name, address, and the intended use of the report in sufficient detail that the law enforcement agency may ascertain that the intended use is not for commercial solicitation purposes. A person who knowingly makes any false statement in any written request under this section shall be subject to the provisions of Section 56-3-2520.


The Records Section is housed in the Ted C. Collins Law Enforcement Center at 1101 North Oak Street.  Office hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.  Call 843-918-1332 for the Records Supervisor.  The fax number is 843-918-1325.   


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