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The city offers an annexation guide for nearby property owners who wish to consider bringing their land into the city.  It explains the methods and benefits of annexation.

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Planning Commission


1:30 p.m., Tuesday, September 16, 2014


First Floor Conference Room, City Hall

937 Broadway Street, Myrtle Beach, SC  29577




A.   Call Meeting to Order


B.   Matters of Order:  Minutes of August 5 and August 19, 2014


C.   Matters of Business:


1.   Z 13-12 Chapman Hwy 15 Rezoning - Revisions:  Proposal by Susan Chapman to rezone portions of TMS 181-00-01-038, including 1.5 acres located on Boundary St from MU-M (Mixed Use Medium Density) to RMH-MH (Residential Multifamily – High Density - Manufactured Homes), and including two tracts (0.8 acres and 1.2 acres) located off 5th Ave S from RMM (Residential Multifamily Medium Density) RMH-MH (Residential Multifamily - High Density - Manufactured Homes).


2.   PRE-FIN 14-21 Coastal Grand Outparcel - Pine Island:  Proposal by MOSCI, LLC (MB Farms/Seth McCoy, Agent) to subdivide 1.84 acres into two (2) parcels (0.82 ac and 0.87 ac) and private roadway off Pine Island Rd in the Mall of SC Planned Unit Development (PUD).


3.   ANEX 14-02 1900 Mr Joe White Ave:  Proposal by 7 Angels LLC to annex 7.87 acres located at 1900 Mr Joe White Ave and rezone from Horry County’s LI (Light Industrial) and MA1 (Light Manufacturing) zones to Myrtle Beach’s HC (Highway Commercial).


D.   Discussion Items


4.   TEXT 14-19 / Z 14-08 Horry County Shrine Club PUD Update:  Proposal by the Horry County Shrine Club (Robert Guyton, agent) to rezone 6.02 acres located at 9589 and 9591 Hwy 17 North from Highway Commercial (C-2/HC) to a Planned Unit Development (PUD).  Update on work done to date to answer concerns.


5.   17th Ave N PUD Amendments Update on Work Done to Date:


TEXT 14-20 17th Ave N PUD Amendment:  Proposal Buchannan Motels, LLC to amend the 17th Ave N Planned Unit Development (PUD) to reduce density, add a lot (404 17th Ave N) to the PUD boundaries, amend the parking garage plans, add an indoor pool amenity, amend the alley swap requests, and install an overhead crosswalk over N Ocean Blvd between a proposed tower at 1704-1706-1708 N Ocean Blvd and a proposed garage/pool at 1705-1707 N Ocean Blvd.


Z 14-10 404 17th Ave N:  Proposal Buchannan Motels, LLC to rezone 0.21 acres located at 404 17th Ave N from TA-120 (Transient Accommodations) to 17th Ave N Planned Unit Development.


ROW 14-01 17th Ave N PUD Alley Swaps:  Proposal by Buchannan Motels, LLC to relocate two (2) oceanfront alleys and four (4) 2nd row alleys in the 1700 block of N Ocean Blvd to achieve two (2) buildings (one hotel and one parking garage), two public park/parking areas, and two expanded beach access points. 


ENCR 14-06 17th Ave N PUD - Proposed Enclosed Elevated Crosswalk:  Proposal by Buchannan Motels, LLC to encroach 720 square feet into the air rights above North Ocean Blvd for the purpose of installing an elevated, enclosed crosswalk 20 feet above the pavement between two proposed buildings in the 1700 block of N Ocean Blvd.


E.   Communications from the Planning Commission


F.   Reports and Information Presentations from City Staff


G.   Executive Session


H.   Meeting Adjournment


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