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Corner Icon "First in Service" is our philosophy...  We believe that the employees of the city are collectively among the most talented and dedicated to be found in any workforce.  Through the efforts of these employees, the City of Myrtle Beach serves the public in an outstanding manner, providing needed services efficiently and courteously.  We believe that we can learn from the collective experiences of this work force to focus our efforts, provide even better service to the public, and improve the satisfaction experienced by all employees for the contributions they make.

Blue Box  See our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information about the City of Myrtle Beach.  The city's ADA Policy also is available.

Corner Icon Questions?  E-mail or call (843) 918-1014.  


Information for People with Disabilities


Handicapped Accessibility


The City of Myrtle Beach is committed to accessibility for our residents and visitors with disabilities.  The following information will be helpful in your travels around the city.

Parking and Parking Meters

In South Carolina, any vehicle displaying a valid handicapped, Purple Heart, Disabled American Veterans or Medal of Honor license tag, or a valid and official handicapped hang tag, may park for free at any public-operated parking meter.  If your vehicle displays one of these, then you do not have to pay a municipal parking meter anywhere in South Carolina. Of course, city buildings have designated handicapped parking spaces. 

Accessible Beach Access Points

Myrtle Beach has 42 public beach access points (street ends, parks and other access points) that are accessible in varying degrees to people with physical disabilities.  Here is the list of those public locations, from south to north.

  • 29th Avenue South (fully accessible)

  • 24th Avenue South (partially accessible)

  • 23rd Avenue South (partially accessible)

  • Hurl Rock Park at 20th Avenue South (fully accessible)

  • 19th Avenue South (partially accessible)

  • 17th Avenue South (partially accessible)

  • 16th Avenue South (partially accessible, has step at beach end)

  • 15th Avenue South (fully accessible)

  • 12th Avenue South (fully accessible)

  • 11th Avenue South (partially accessible)

  • Ninth Avenue South (fully accessible)

  • Seventh Avenue South (partially accessible)

  • Third Avenue South (fully accessible)

  • First Avenue North (fully accessible)

  • Second Avenue North (fully accessible)

  • Fourth Avenue North (fully accessible)

  • Seventh Avenue North (fully accessible)

  • Ninth Avenue North, north side of Plyler Park (fully accessible)

  • 11th Avenue North (fully accessible)

  • 13th Avenue North (fully accessible)

  • 1600 North Ocean Boulevard (fully accessible)

  • 1708 North Ocean Boulevard (partially accessible)

  • 1802 North Ocean Boulevard (fully accessible)

  • Anderson Park at 20th Avenue North (fully accessible)

  • 2104 North Ocean Boulevard (partially accessible)

  • 2302 North Ocean Boulevard (partially accessible)

  • 25th Avenue North (fully accessible)

  • 2504 North Ocean Boulevard (partially accessible)

  • 31st Avenue North (fully accessible)

  • 34th Avenue North (partially accessible, has steps at beach end)

  • 38th Avenue North (fully accessible)

  • 41st Avenue North (fully accessible)

  • 44th Avenue North (partially accessible)

  • 47th Avenue North (partially accessible)

  • 48th Avenue North (fully accessible)

  • 51st Avenue North (partially accessible)

  • 53rd Avenue North (fully accessible)

  • Gardens by the Sea, 5400 North Ocean Boulevard (fully accessible)

  • Seaside Place (fully accessible)

  • 64th Avenue North (fully accessible)

  • 65th Avenue North (partially accessible)

  • 66th Avenue North (partially accessible, has steps at beach end)

  • 69th Avenue North (partially accessible, has steps at beach end)

  • 70th Avenue North (fully accessible)

  • 75th Avenue North (partially accessible)

  • 76th Avenue North (partially accessible, has steps at beach end)

Again, welcome to the City of Myrtle Beach home page.  We hope you find this site enjoyable and useful.  For more information, please contact the Public Information Office at or 843-918-1014.


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