Community Appearance Board

Community Appearance Board
1:30 p.m., Thursday, August 16, 2018
Conference Room, City Services Building
921 North Oak Street, Myrtle Beach, SC  29577


A.  Call to Order

B.  Approval of Minutes:  Meeting of August 2, 2018

C.  Old Business

D.  New Business

Sign Permit Applications

  1. Hi-Fi Coffee Bar – 918 North Ocean Boulevard:  Requests approval of (1) 30” round internally illuminated blade sign and vinyl window lettering. (Owner)
  2. Grande Dunes (Seville Neighborhood) – 76th Avenue North/Driftwood Drive:  Requests installation of (2) 3’10” x 21’ monument entry signs with back lighted “halo” letters and logo. (Seaboard Signs)
  3. La Vinotinto Restaurant – 403 Broadway Street:  Requests installation of (3) 36” vinyl circles in windows. (Graphic & Art Studio)
  4. Styling Room – 5001 North Kings Highway:  Requests installation of (1) 16” x 36” building mounted aluminum sign with raised PVC letters. (Sign Works)
  5. Riptydz – 1206 North Ocean Boulevard:  Requests installation of (2) freestanding menu boards. (Sign Works)
  6. Exxon/Mobil – 1700 South Kings Highway:  Requests installation of Synergy brand waves, blade signs, dispensers and number wedges to gas pumps along with repainting of existing freestanding sign (refresh paint). (ASL Signs)
  7. Sid Harvey’s – 1300 Dividend Loop:  Requests installation of (1) 4’ x 4’ double face non-illuminated V-shaped monument sign with an overall height of 4’, (1) 3’10” x 16’6” set of non-illuminated building mounted cut out letters and vinyl door graphics. (Tyson Signs)
  8. Anderson Brothers Bank – 1010 London Street:  Requests installation of (1) 5’5” x 12’ monument sign with an overall height of 6’11”, (1) 3’6 x 14’3” set of building mounted channel lettering, (2) single face directional signs, (2) post and panel sign, and vinyl door graphics. (Tyson Signs)
  9. Grande Dunes – Grande Dunes Boulevard & Highway 17 Bypass:  Requests removing two existing ID monument signs and replacing them with new concrete block and stucco with reverse channel lettering, and logos with decorative trellis. (Sign Studio & Graphics)
  10. Palmetto Vacation Rentals – 4101 Mayfair Street:  Requests installation of (1) 3’ x 3’ freestanding sign with an overall height of 6’. (Fast Signs)

Signs, Lighting, and Building Permit Applications 

  1. Grand Strand Plaza – 1430 South Kings Highway:  Requests replacement of existing parking lot lighting. (Visual Concepts Signs & Lighting)
  2. Turbo Jet Car Wash – 2755 Agnes Lane:  Requests approval of parking lot lighting. (Dynamic Construction)
  3. North Industrial Park Lot 14 (Gateway Supply Warehouse) – 1386 17th Avenue South:  Requests approval of site lighting plan and a final review for a new 25,417 square foot office-warehouse, landscape plan, parking plan, 6’ screen fence with slats or mesh around outdoor storage in rear, and dumpster enclosure. (Spear Designs/Ayres & Associates) (Previously heard on 8/2/2018)

Building Permit Applications

  1. Grande Dunes Marina Store – 8205 Marina Parkway:  Requests a conceptual/final review for the renovation of the existing rear stairs to add a ramp and new stairs. (Spear Designs/Ayres & Associates)
  2. Lance Residence – 301 Shuffleboard Court (Sands Beach Houses):  Requests a final review to enclose the lower level of the house. (The Carpenter 1, LLC) (Previously heard on 8/2/2018)
  3. Eagle Crest – 3736 Robert M. Grissom Parkway:  Requests a conceptual/final review for 73’ of 48” tall 3-rail black aluminum fence for a small dog park. (Goode Fence)
  4. Carolina Bay Swimwear – 1106 North Kings Highway:  Requests a conceptual/final review for the repainting of the building. (Owner)
  5. The Palace Resort – 1605 South Ocean Boulevard:  Requests a conceptual/final review for the repainting of the building. (Ally Management)
  6. Market Common Tract R7 Townhome Building #7 – Fillman Alley:  Requests a conceptual/final review for an 8,892 square foot building comprised of (6) two-bedroom units and landscape plan. (Sands Building Group, Inc.)
  7. Ripley’s Marine Science Building – 952 Mancini Drive:  Requests a conceptual/final review for an approximate 32,000 square foot building with exterior mechanical equipment, parking, landscape plan, and wood dumpster enclosure.  (Tungsten Corporation)

E.  Non-Agenda Items from Staff

F.  Non-Agenda Items from Board Members

G.  Executive Session:  The board may take action on items discussed during Executive Session, once the Executive Session ends and the Public Session resumes.

H.  Adjournment