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Myrtle Beach Housing and Community Development Consolidated Plan



             The Consolidated Plan is the city's assessment of local policies and programs to improve the living environment of low and moderate income residents.  The five-year Strategic Plan includes a vision for the city that encompasses the national objectives of the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program. 

     The Consolidated Plan is not a static document.  The Annual Action Plan portion will be updated each year, and the five-year Strategic Plan will be monitored and updated as needed.  City Council approved this draft at its June 14, 2005, meeting. 

     The following PDF files contain the complete draft of the Consolidated Plan.  For additional information, please contact the Planning Department at 918-1050.

Myrtle Beach Consolidated Plan 1  (PDF)

  • Title Page

  • Table of Contents

  • List of Tables, Figures and Maps

  • Executive Summary

Myrtle Beach Consolidated Plan 2  (PDF)

  • Part One:  Introduction

  • Part Two:  Planning Process and Citizen Participation

Myrtle Beach Consolidated Plan 3  (PDF)

  • Part Three:  Community Profile

Myrtle Beach Consolidated Plan 4  (PDF)

  • Part Four:  Housing Market Analysis

Myrtle Beach Consolidated Plan 5  (PDF)

  • Part Five:  Housing Needs Assessment

  • Part Six:  Homeless and Special Needs Assessment

  • Part Seven:  Non-Housing Community Development Needs

Myrtle Beach Consolidated Plan 6  (PDF)

  • Part Eight:  Strategic Plan 2003-2010

Myrtle Beach Consolidated Plan 7  (PDF)

  • Part Nine:  Annual Action Plan

Myrtle Beach Consolidated Plan 8  (PDF)

  • Appendix A:  References and Bibliography

  • Appendix B:  Certifications

  • Appendix C:  Citizen Participation Plan

  • Appendix D:  Map of Low and Moderate Income Areas

  • Appendix E:  Community Survey

  • Appendix F:  Myrtle Beach City Council Consolidated Plan Resolution

Note:  Acrobat Reader, available free, is needed for PDF files. 

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