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The phrase "The Grand Strand" was coined by writer Claude Dunnagan in 1949 as the title for a newspaper column about activities here.  The name stuck for the whole region.

Mullti-field complex at Grand Park

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Corner Icon  Want to bid on city supplies, services and projects?  You may complete a Vendor Application on-line.  The city's Purchasing Code also is available on-line for your information.  Questions?  Call the Purchasing Division at 843-918-2170.

Blue Box  The City of Myrtle Beach posts its weekly or monthly check registers on-line for all to see, in keeping with the South Carolina Comptroller General's desire for spending transparency in local government. 

Corner Icon Questions?  E-mail or call (843) 918-1014.  


Current Bid Solicitations


Purchasing Division


Myrtle Beach is currently soliciting bids for the supplies, equipment, services and/or construction projects listed below.  You must submit bids in accordance with the submission information contained in the bid documents.  Bids must be received at the location indicated in the bid document on or before the date and time specified by the bid document.  Any bids received after the date and time specified will not be accepted.

General Instruction for Invitation for BID (IFB)  Read, print and sign.  Signature required as part of bid/proposal package.  (PDF)

General Instructions for Request for Proposal (RFP)   Read, print and sign.  Signature required as part of RFP/proposal package.  (PDF)

     Any vendor who has the financial ability, experience, competence and capability to satisfactorily perform the contract may bid.  If, after receiving a bid document, you decide not to bid on the item(s) and/or project, submission of a reason for not bidding would be appreciated.  This may help the Purchasing office improve the procurement system for all vendors.

     All competitive formal sealed bids are publicly opened and read aloud in the designated location, on the date and time specified in the bid document.  Bid results will be mailed to you if you send a self-addressed, stamped envelope (SASE) to the Purchasing Division with your bid.  Otherwise, all bid results and bid documents are available for public inspection in the Purchasing office, 3231 Mr. Joe White Avenue, Myrtle Beach, SC. 



Click on the bid number to view solicitation documents in PDF format.  It is the vendor's responsibility to check regularly for addenda and other changes to solicitation documents when responding to bid solicitations posted on-line.

*Large Bids/RFPs can take several minutes to open.


RFP 17-R0027 Fence and Gate Repair/Replace 9/7/16
RFP 17-R0031 Chevrolet Colorado 9/27/16
RFP 17-R0030 Asphalt Removal/Concrete Replacement 9/30/16
Bid Advertisement Fifth Avenue South Pump Station Bid Advertisement 10/05/16
Bid Advertisement 82nd Avenue North Pump Station Bid Advertisement 10/06/16
Bid Advertisement Area 40 Back Lot Gravity Sewer Relocation Bid Advertisement 10/06/16
Bid Advertisement B&C Boulevard Bid Advertisement 10/06/16
Addendum 1 RFP 17-R0030 Addendum for Asphalt Concrete Bid 10/06/16
Addendum 1 BID 17-B0013 Addendum 1 for Street Drainage Bid 10/06/16
Addendum 2 BID 17-B0013 Addendum 2 for Street Drainage Bid 10/06/16
Addendum 2 RFP 17-B0030 Addendum 2 for Asphalt Removal, Cement Replacement at Conv. Center 10/12/16
BID 17-B0023 Notification System 10/12/16
BID 17-B0024 Radars 10/12/16
RFP 17-R0033 Tractor 10/12/16
Pump Station Bid Advertisement Sewer Pump Station Upgrade and Rehabilitation Advertisement 10/19/16
RFP 17-R0032 Concrete Work Grand Park 10/19/16
Addendum 1 B&C Boulevard Addendum 1 B&C Boulevard Bid Advertisement 10/19/16
BID 17-B0020 Median Removal, Installation of Turn Lane, Installation of Landscaping 10/19/16
Addendum 2 B&C Boulevard Addendum 2 B&C Boulevard Bid Advertisement 10/24/16
RFP 17-R0034 Remove and Install Ceiling Tiles 10/24/16

The below Bids/RFPs/CIPs have a non-refundable fee:


Bid Tabulations will be posted when available for 14 calendar days.  Contact with any questions.

TAB 17-R0006 Medical Supplies 10/06/16
TAB 17-B0013 Street End Drainage 10/12/16
TAB 17-R0030 Asphalt and Concrete Replacement 10/24/16

Note:  Acrobat Reader, available free, is needed for PDF files.

Get Acrobat Reader

E-mail the Purchasing Division


843-918-2170 (office) or 843-918-2182 (fax)


Purchasing Division

City of Myrtle Beach

P.O. Box 2468

Myrtle Beach, SC  29578


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