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We believe that the employees of the city are collectively among the most talented and dedicated to be found in any workforce.  Through the efforts of these employees, the City of Myrtle Beach serves the public in an outstanding manner, providing needed services efficiently and courteously.  We believe that we can learn from the collective experiences of this work force to focus our efforts, provide even better service to the public, and improve the satisfaction experienced by all employees for the contributions they make. 

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Bicycle Map and Safety Brochures


Tips and regulations in Spanish, Russian and English


The City of Myrtle Beach offers the following bicycle safety brochures for our many riders, along with a map of designated bicycle lanes and multipurpose paths for your riding enjoyment.  Click on one of the following links to download a safety brochure or map of bicycle facilities in Myrtle Beach.

The brochures explain in English, Russian and Spanish that bicycles are vehicles and must obey the same rules of the road that other vehicles follow.  The brochures also discuss the equipment needed to ride a bicycle at night.  Illustrations are included. 


Thanks to a suggestion from the Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee, the city has created a new mobile device BikeMB App that shows bicycle trails in The Market Common.  Now in beta testing, the app also lets riders log any bicycle accidents they may have had.  Click here to view the new app. 

Note:   When printing a brochure, TURN OFF THE PAGE SCALING FEATURE.  In the print dialog box, set page scaling to "none," or the brochure will not fold correctly.  Acrobat Reader, available free, is needed for PDF files.

Get Acrobat Reader

What you need to know to ride safely!


1.   Bicyclists riding on the roadway must travel in the extreme right lane in the direction of the traffic—not against it!


2.   Whenever possible, bicyclists should ride on bike paths or designated bicycle lanes, such as those located on Mr. Joe White Avenue or North Ocean Boulevard.


3.   Bicyclists must obey all road signs and traffic signals, and must give turn signals just as motorists do.


4.   Bicyclists may not ride on ordinary pedestrian sidewalks.  They may ride on special wide, multi-purpose sidewalks designed for a combination of bicycle and pedestrian traffic, such as those running along Grissom Parkway.


5.   Bicyclists should not disregard the rights of pedestrians and motorists—respect them just as you want them to respect you. 


6.   It is illegal to ride through a pedestrian crosswalk.  Climb off the bike and walk your bicycle across the road.


7.   A bicyclist riding in the dark must have a headlight on the front of his bicycle and a red reflector on the rear.


8.   Never carry additional passengers on a bicycle!


9.   Watch motorists carefully!  They may be talking on a cell phone, texting, eating…  But they are bigger than you are so, as the saying goes, “give a fool a wide berth.”


10. Protect your head.  Wear a helmet!


By the way, bicycles are allowed on the beach before 10:00 a.m. and after 5:00 p.m. from May 1 through Labor Day.  Bicycles are allowed on the boardwalk only between 5:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. from May 1 through Labor Day.  There's no afternoon window for bicycles on the boardwalk during the peak summer months.


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